Burrow's Post Frame Supply

Why Burrow’s?

Because we’re stubborn about quality

Quality construction starts with quality lumber, trusses, and steel. Respected builders rely on Burrow’s manufactured wood trusses, metal roofing and siding and lumber, plus a wide range of accessories. Having started out as builders ourselves, we can guide you through some important early decisions that will determine the quality, performance and longevity of your building, while ensuring your wants and needs are met.

We bring a builder’s knowledge to material supply
Why Burrows

Our Heritage

Since our beginnings as a post-frame builder in 1984, our growth and experience has taught us a lot about the construction business.

Building Styles

Quality Materials

Your satisfaction with the quality of your building is directly affected by the quality of the materials that go into it.

Facility Tour
Facility Tour

Our 130,000 square foot facility is built on our stubborn commitment to be the leading quality building material supply resource.

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