Burrow's Post Frame Supply

Our Heritage

A culture built on quality

Burrow’s had its beginnings as an entrepreneurial post-frame builder in 1984. Our experience spanning more than 30 years has taught us a lot about the post-frame construction business. We have firsthand knowledge and fully understand the need for accurate and reliable building material supply.

From humble beginnings come great things

A commitment to quality service

post-frame construction

Over the years we evolved from a successful post-frame builder to the leading post-frame construction materials supplier in our region. Our buying power delivers significant savings to you. We continue to make significant investments in our roll-formed metal and wood truss manufacturing capabilities. Guided by our builder’s heritage, we remain stubborn about quality in everything we do.

Our promise to you

Our promise to you

You will always have access to our knowledge of construction, design, and materials. Our post-frame heritage means we will never lose sight of the critical nature of quality building material supply. The singular purpose of Burrow’s is to fulfill those needs, and to provide the highest quality supplier support.

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