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An informed consumer is a happy customer. When properly guided by useful insights, the decisions you make will help ensure the success of your new building. Get all the information you need from our pole barn insider.

Post-frame homes and garages

Post-frame homes

When built with Burrow’s quality materials, your dream home can provide years of maintenance-free comfort. There are no limitations when it comes to color, style and design.

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Post-frame homes and garages are a smart, economical choice and also a good-looking choice of building for your property. To be confident in your decisions and to make your new building exactly as you want, be sure to read our Top Ten Tips guide. You will gain the insights needed to make the right choice for the construction site, know the type of post-frame building you’d like to have and of course, the style and functionality of the building. Knowing exactly what your needs and options are will make planning and constructing all the more easy.

Metal roofing beauty is more than skin deep

Metal roofing advice

There are many benefits of metal roofing compared to tile, slate and even the ever-popular asphalt shingles. Yet some common misunderstandings about metal roofing exist. Learn more about the beauty of quality metal roofing...

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First and foremost, metal roofing lasts considerably longer. About 7-10 years longer compared to most other roofing choices. That’s about 50 years worry-free performance. Along these lines is maintenance and upkeep. Especially in an area where severe weather occurs, metal roofing gives you peace of mind when trying to save money on upkeep, whereas asphalt shingles and other options may not.

Another advantage that metal roofing offers would be energy efficiency over alternative roofing choices. Asphalt shingles, as well as other options have a tendency to absorb solar heat and create the building to be much hotter. A metal roof would reflect the solar heat, allowing for the house to be consistently cooler and lowering the energy bill. Burrow’s metal features Valspar paints, which protect against virtually all types of deterioration and corrosion for up to 40 years, backed by warranty.

Insist on quality metal roofing, siding and trim

 Quality roofing and siding

Burrow’s wants you to know about metal roofing, siding and trim. The exterior of your building is exposed to the elements, so you will want your investment to last for years, backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.

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On average, Burrow’s has about 5 million pounds of metal in our facility, all rated for class-4 impact resistance. Original manufacturer’s material warranties back our prime line of metal siding, roofing and trim products for 40 years. We buy our metal mill-direct, which helps keep our prices competitive with any other supplier in the market. We operate a wide variety of machines to manufacture all the roofing, siding, trim and guttering products we provide. Our equipment list includes two Hayes metal decoilers and roll formers, one Gary 10,000 pound coil tipper, R-panel formed ridge cap break, Sefung trim decoiler, Schleback metal trim slasher, Jorns and Bradbury trim folders, Schechtl 10’ trim shear and two MRS trim roll formers.

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