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One of Oklahoma's largest lumberyards

Our daily lumber inventory exceeds 1.3 million board feet. We manufacture a full range of standard and custom-designed wood trusses using lumber grades #1, #2, #3 and MSR to your specifications and project requirements – backed by stamped engineering drawings when required.

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Engineered wood truss

Engineered wood truss

We design and manufacture several styles of wood trusses. These include common, scissor, mono, gambrel, loafing shed, attic, dual pitch commons, and RCA (monument) style trusses to name a few. Sizes range from 4 to 100 feet in length. All trusses are engineered to the appropriate snow and wind loading, as well as top and bottom cord live and dead loading. We regularly provide trusses for 35+ pound snow loads and 120 mph wind loads.

Truss supplied exactly the way you want


Just ask – we can design and manufacture wood trusses in most any shape, using the specific grade of lumber you require for your project.

We produce up to 1000 wood trusses per day on our 500’ roller bed and gantry system production line.

Post options

Post Options

Various post products are available to meet your pole barn design and construction preferences. Choose from 5x5 and 6x6 solid posts, our popular nail laminated posts, and glue laminated posts (available special order) – all available with a full range of post protector options.

Quality and accuracy of our wood trusses

Quality Accuracy

Digitally controlled, five-blade saws ensure the precision cutting of our wood truss components. All joinery is within a 1/8” measure of accuracy. Metal plates fastened by double-pass, one-ton presses for accuracy and rigidity.

Over 130,000 square feet of manufacturing operations with high production capacities assure the immediate availability of your wood trusses. Sustained inventory levels are based on managed-inventory agreements with leading material manufacturers.

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